HPS Civil War Campaigns Historical Weather Variants


This mod will not overwrite any of the stock files so no need to back anything up.

Download the Campaign XXXXXXXXX Weather Variant.zip file and extract to the location where your HPS games are installed, i.e: C:\Program Files\HPS Simulations. All of the extracted scenario and pdt files must end up in your "Campaign XXXXXXXX" folder to work. This will get accomplished if you unzip the contents into the main "HPS Simulations" folder correctly as described above.

IF YOU PLAY PBEM BOTH PLAYERS MUST HAVE THE MOD INSTALLED!! Also, if you log in the game at the ACWGC website for OBD credit, just use the corresponding stock (non-weather variant) name of the scenario and add "weather variant" to your comment section.

This Mod creates a more realistic daily weather pattern based on Ken Miller's gradual dawn/dusk visibility weather files for the HPS Civil War games. Every single Campaign and standard scenario now has a corresponding weather variant. Various levels of rain, mud, and mist will make their appearance during those periods of the campaigns that have documentation or meteorlogical evidence supporting it's occurrence. See the readme files for additional information.

As an added feature, the effect on movement, artillery, and combat is now displayed, respectively, on the bottom of the game screen in brackets "[ ]" when the game is affected by inclement weather.

Campaign Peninsula Weather Variant.zip Campaign Peninsula Weather Variant.zip
Size : 585.565 Kb
Type : zip
Campaign Ozark Weather Variant.zip Campaign Ozark Weather Variant.zip
Size : 209.092 Kb
Type : zip
Campaign Gettysburg Weather Variant.zip Campaign Gettysburg Weather Variant.zip
Size : 12406.721 Kb
Type : zip