Update to  the mod I am working on. I have all the images I want now and have put up a few pics of them. I have had to redo the map to make it bigger to allow for a bit of space so the armies can move about a bit it should add a little fun if the crusader knights go to far with their charges.
 I need to set up the forces strength, morale, experience and the like and also the army of Islam's oob. If there is anyone who wants to lend a hand doing this please contact me.
All the best

A mod I am working on for the Battle of Arsuf 1191 from the Digital Gameworks game, Vengeance. A lot of work to be done but starting to get the hang of the fantastic editor that comes with the game. The images are from an up and running game. If there is anyone out there using this game please let me know. I have started a forum up on this page so please let me have some feed back.