Well guys and girls if there are any that play these wargames outhere, this is my first attempt at a blog and not really sure what to do in it. Saying that I have to start somewhere so here we go.
These last few months have been hectic and I have had no time to actually do any turns in the battles I am fighting, sorry about that Greg, Roger and Klaus. Jim and myself were working hard on the leaders bitmap to finish it for the Chancellorsville title which we finally did we have hit the 100 downloads a few of your thoughts would be nice. We have now started working on the Gettysburg title Jim on the leaders bmp and me on the unit bmp and oob's, these are trickier as you are limited to the amount of images you can use, it is a numbers thing. I may put up a how to page on how to alter the oob's when I get the time. What other things are going on in my life well at the ripe old age of 52 I have decided to learn to play guitar and there are so many good sites out there and free aswell I am going quite well, though my wife Bernie may not agree with me. I can play about 4 songs now and the chord progression is getting better. One of the best sites out there is http://www.justinguitar.com/ if you fancy a new challenge in your life then give it a go it is very relaxing and very rewarding.
The new flyfishing season has started and I am getting the itch to go, the weather has not been too good in little old England this last week but I have booked a few days in Ireland in early June fishing with my cousin. This has become a tradition now he comes over here or I go over there and just relax and fish. I will have to put some pics up.
Anyway enough for now
Happy gaming, jamming and fishing,
Old Banshee.