Gettysburg is the next project. Work has already started.

How we change black and white to colour. 


Now we have some new blood showing an interest in what we are doing ...I thought it might be useful/helpful to share how we go about things?
Attached is an example of how I treat each leader pic for inclusion on the modified coloured bitmap:
I've chosen a leader at random but it's exactly the same for each so...
First is the full size original Black & White photograph sourced from the net. Availability varies hugely for the different leaders, some have dozens of different prints come up in searches whilst others don't seem to have any images out there. Others do but are of extremely poor quality.
It then becomes a question of either modifying a poor quality image to a useable standard or using a "substitute" image of another leader in it's place. Common sense should dictate which approach is best.
I resize and crop the stock photo to 70x80 pixel resolution to include the face, head, shoulders and chest/breast. Hats and headgear can make for some decisions to be made on what exactly to include and will lead to variance in the apparent scale of the finished picture. This variation is noticeable to an extent when looking at the full leader bitmap ...but in-game this artistic unevenness seems not to matter too much.
I save the cropped image as "surname_firstname_initial" in format.
I then cut and trim all the background from around the image and save this new image again as a file adding the suffix "1" to the name thus: "surname_firstname_initial_1"
note: Many of the best quality photo's to work with are beautifully clear sepeia tone pictures that are available of many leaders. I convert these to black & white at this point before saving.
I make a further save of the image with a "2" suffix added to the name once the leader has been colourised and then...
Finally save the finished article with a "3" suffix once the background flag and yellow border are added.
By Jim Wilkes.


Adding to the above I do mine to a different size of 68 X 79 for ease of positioning. The detail in the background flag will also dictate the position of the officer.

By Frank (Old Banshee) Mullins.

Above Image 1 Picture taken from the internet. 

Above Image 2  picture Cropped and saved as a pdn file. 

Above Image 3  the background has been erased and saved as a pdn file. In a pdn file the background is transparent but I cannot upload pdn files to the website.

Above Image 4 image has had colour added and saved as a pdn file. At this stage we call this a cut.

Finally we add the flag to image 5 and save as a pdn file. We now copy and  paste the image into the leaders Bitmap.