The new mod for FoG 1.81, Richard the 1st is available just click on the image below to start the download.

Richard and his Knights are on the field.

Richard the Lionheart has landed in the Holy land. Just waiting on his retinue and he will be ready to go,
4 Images of my photo jig Mk 2. Any questions just ask.

Balian of Ibelin joins the Crusaders.

Latest in the Field of Glory Mods
                                                Press the grey button below to get the files for the mod 
It appears that you will have to add the new units you download to the Arsuf scenario I put in the download.
My set up for getting the correct angle and position for the game.
A bit of in footage to show the new units in action,
Push button below to download video 1, Recomended.
My first video on how I create a 3 man unit for Field of glory.
From Fogman's Arsuf senario. Figures being added.
Ok this is from the game I have put the 3 figures as one image and then added it to the game It Works.
Hospitallers lead the Charge at Arsuf. The start of the mod of the Christian army. The mod is for the old game.
You can do wonders with this game.